10 Tips Will Help You Get Noticed on Instagram

Have you been on Instagram for a while but have only a few followers to show for it? Despite your best efforts, do you receive few likes and comments on your photos? Do you want more Instagram followers? It’s no secret that the platform has evolved into a powerful tool for brands and businesses seeking to reach new customers. Even if you’re not a business, having more followers who might be interested in your content can be beneficial. So, how can you increase your Instagram followers? These pointers help you make a good impression and better understand Social Media Marketing and how to get your Instagram profile noticed.
Have Your Own Aesthetic

People also follow Instagram accounts because they like the aesthetic. They like the look of the photos that are being uploaded. You can’t have this appeal if you’re constantly changing your filters, switching between colour and black and white, or experimenting with different styles. Spend some time determining your own aesthetic. Wes Anderson, by accident, focuses on symmetry and pastel colours. Foodstories are known for their beautifully shadowy food and interior styling. This does not imply that you will be stuck with this look indefinitely. When it comes to attracting followers on Instagram, having a distinct, largely consistent style can be extremely beneficial.

Consistent Aesthetic

Another simple way to increase your Instagram followers is to stick to a consistent aesthetic for your account. Why is it important to maintain a consistent aesthetic? Not only does a consistent aesthetic look great, but Instagram users will typically look at an account to get an idea of what kind of content is posted. Maintaining a consistent aesthetic makes it easier for potential followers to decide.

Pick Your Niche

Understanding your target demographic is essential for effectively increasing your following. Determine who your ideal followers are and how they should interact with your social media and brand. Being multifaceted is beneficial, but if you have a travel blog, you should tailor your content to entice fellow travellers. If your focus is fitness, your fitness videos and diet tips will appeal to exercise and sports enthusiasts. People will only follow you if they see content that is relevant to them or if they see consistency in your focus. Keep these considerations in mind before you begin uploading content. Keep your professional page professional, and save your personal or random photos for your non-business account. 

Use Engaging Captions

When browsing Instagram, looking at pictures without knowing what you’re looking at can be frustrating, especially if you see something interesting and want to learn more. So why would you keep your fans in the dark? Keep your followers interested with witty, sharp captions that explain what they’re seeing clearly. Captions are a great way to show the personality of your brand because people like to feel connected to those they follow. Captions allow you to communicate with them. Keep your captions informative and descriptive, but they could be shorter. People prefer simple, short, and intriguing text to read on social media, and captions should reflect that spirit.

Upload Only Your Best Photos

Take a look at the Instagram users you follow. You’re probably following them because you like their photos unless they’re friends, celebrities, or more practical Instagram accounts. Put yourself in the shoes of your followers. One way to get noticed on Instagram is to follow their lead and only share photos you enjoy with them. When people visit your Instagram account, you want them to be impressed by your smartphone photography abilities. This will only occur if you upload your best photos to your public profile. This isn’t to say you should stop posting impromptu selfies and less-than-perfect photos.

Post at the Right Time

The best way to gain Instagram followers is to post at peak times when you will receive the most impressions and interactions. Despite the fact that Instagram uses an algorithmic timeline, optimal posting times remain important. By clicking on the profile tab and then the bar chart icon, you can see when the majority of your followers are online. If you know your followers are more active in the morning, post something to make their day brighter. Save your content for after-work hours if they’re scrolling at night. You should also space out the posts as much as possible. Posting multiple things at once will not get you more attention, and you don’t want to overwhelm people.

Post Multiple Images at Once

If you took a lot of photos during a shoot, consider publishing them as a multi-image post rather than a series of individual posts. Multi-image posts can include up to ten images, each with its own caption. Users can swipe through them from left to right before returning to their feeds. The advantage of this is that you can tell a more complete story in a single post. This could include showing behind-the-scenes footage of your main image or multiple angles of a single location or subject. This is far superior to peppering your profile with shots that may all look very similar.

Don’t Post Too Often

You don’t have to worry about annoying people by constantly posting too many photos if you don’t have any followers. When your following begins to grow, limit your posts to a few per day. We recommend posting up to four photos or videos per day. They should be spaced out. Upload only a subset of your photos at a time. Instagram allows you to save ready-to-publish posts as draughts. 

Interact With Your Community

Remember that Instagram is more than just a publishing platform. To truly succeed on Instagram, you must integrate yourself into the community. At the very least, this entails responding to comments on your posts and tagging people and places who appear in or are relevant to your photos. In return, they will be notified and may even tag you back. Following Instagram hashtags relevant to your niche is a simple way to accomplish this. Photos that have been tagged with these hashtags will appear in your feed. Spend some time commenting on these posts and following profiles you like. This will put you on the radar of others in your industry.

Following Spree

Going on a following spree is one of the most straightforward ways to increase your Instagram followers. The following spree is when you start following a lot of different accounts in the hopes that they will follow you back. Following that, you could unfollow them. If you need to learn how, check out some guides on how to mass unfollow on Instagram. You could also go on a strategic follow spree, following people you believe are most likely to follow you back and are interested in your content or niche.

Get Attention on Instagram

By implementing some or all of the tips listed here, you will not only create a far more appealing profile, but you will also become a true member of your own Instagram community and may even find yourself making money. If you stick with it, you’ll gradually see your brand solidify and your followers and interaction grow. You’ll be able to reach a much larger audience.